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Internet Traffic List Building

Internet Traffic List Building is the online marketing arm to Focusivity. This means that business-owners can benefit from knowing how to increase their prospecting for new clients by rapidly improving their current lead generation and customer acquisition activities.

The service was created as a result of the founder ~ Valerie Lothian, Author | Accredited Mentor realising that she was spending 80% of her time using technology and social media platforms to stay connected with her new and current contacts and developing network.

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Helping business-owners find 'hidden-in-view' profits with their current online and/or offline communications and marketing activities, in a focused stress-free process.

Kickstart Review Services

Kickstart Review Support Programs are simple and complimentary to your current solutions already implemented in your company's marketing activities. We currently provide a 'one-touch' and 'six-sessions to success' Kickstart Review Marketing programs.

Contributor to Global Entrepreneurship Week and in partnership with StartUp Britain for their StartUp Day contributors event.

Sponsorship opportunities are available.  Please make contact with us to find out more about working together for your Sponsorship Marketing activities and development.


Intuitive Business Development services for business-owners who want tailored solutions. Kickstart Review Strategy sessions available!

Be The Confident You!

Be The Confident You! was created to help those who attend events such as networking conferences, seminars, workshops and even personal events such as weddings and parties, to learn how to communicate more effectively in a short period of time.

Recently featured in a book seminar as a powerful book (cover) by best selling Canadian author, Gerry Robert. See here Endorsement .

Sponsorship opportunities are available.   Please make contact with us to find out more about working together for your Book Sponsorship Marketing activities and events.


A communications and networking book for business-owners who want guided support. Amazon Kindle book excerpt available here!


Find Your Sponsorship Voice

Increases Your Market Reach

Improves Your Ticklist For Quality

 Use Sponsorships for:

  • Customer based solutions
  • Targeted Marketing activities
  • Niched Book Marketing
  • Tailored Events throughout the year
  • Drive home your unique vision and statement
  • Sponsorship opportunities available

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Unleash The Author Within!

Be The Confident You! event recognised as being a High Impact Event in November 2012 by The Global Entrepreneurship Week #GEW group.

Whatever your profession, whether you are a go-getting Solopreneur right up to an Entrepreneur with multiple global companies - there is a book with your name on it!

But what if you are in the majority who have thought about it for 5...10...15+ years?

  1. Do you like to write or have a book inside you ready to be unleashed?
  2. Are you a Business-owner/Entrepreneur looking to realise your Author dreams?
  3. How do you use your creative writing to raise your profile and/or attract your ideal prospects and clients?
  4. What could writing a book do for you, or add to your career or business?

Over the years after attending many business and personal development seminars, the presenters that stood out above all of their peers, are those that have written or had a book written about them.

They are viewed as being head and shoulders above their competitors and as a differential, this is where you should be too. What else occurs in your life like a video on a repeat loop, that challenges or blocks you from realising your potential?

The #1 common theme I see in others is lack of confidence which is the fear of progression. If this is the case, then your lucky day has arrived. The forthcoming updated version of my book "Be The Confident You! The Inner Battlefield To Clear Thinking And Straight Talking" is to be published in early 2013.

Right now there is a great opportunity for you....would you like to be featured in it?
If you have a story to help others to increase their confidence or to improve their communication skills in their social circles, then I want to hear it and give you full credit. See here for my Testimonials - now click the button to get started!
My forthcoming updated book to be published in 2013
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