Gerry Robert, International Speaker and Best Selling Author endorses my book (cover) 

"Be The Confident You!

The Inner Battlefield For Clear Thinking And Straight Talking".


Quotes Working with Valerie is brilliant. I can't sing her praises enough as her speciality is taking the work out of work and making it easy. Re-focus is the key. My measurable productivity doubles after a one-to-one with Valerie. She has such a succinct way of getting you to align your thoughts, prioritise and focus. Sustained over a period of weeks, the effects are compounded! Keeping hundreds of tasks in mind can be burdensome and sometimes the temptation to put things off leads to procrastination. I found that I started to exceed my daily goals, to steal from tomorrow. Having a strong state of mind and always being on top is half the battle. Sustained calls with Valerie will help more than you might imagine. Because she is experienced in business and works with a wide variety of clients, she can bring techniques from other vertical business into yours! You are leveraging the experience of other entrepreneurs in a low-risk way. This in of itself has been worth Valerie's fees. Quotes
J. Robinson
Kickstart Review Program Consultation

Quotes I really enjoyed the marketing strategy session. What I really got out of the session was a confirmation of what I do will all lead me towards my goal. I have to be consistent, keep writing educational blog posts etc. Now I am thinking on various ways how 'relaxation is good for...' can be communicated and am also doing research on the Internet. Thank you very much for your time and input. Quotes
Participant of 1-2-1 Marketing Strategy Consultancy

Quotes In all the time I have known Valerie she has proved herself to be a most remarkable coach, loving, compassionate caring and incredibly effective in helping clients to move forward and achieve in life. Added to this a most warm and caring personality. I am delighted to be able to call Valerie a colleague and I hope a friend. Quotes
Gerard O' Donovan
Founder ~ Noble Manhattan Coaching Ltd

Quotes I have known and worked with Valerie for a number of years and we have done good business together. Her online and offline networking, people communication skills and contacts are second to none. I have no qualms in introducing her as part of my highly trusted and valued network. Quotes
Ron G Holland
Top Biz Guru, Author of The Eureka! Enigma